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Expert Bioinformatics Support & Services

Cut down time spent by scientists on data analysis: prioritize R&D and accelerate decision making with actionable datasets. Request a 1:1 consultation with Lumin Acuity experts to discuss your tailored bioinformatics solution.

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Take the guesswork out of your analyses. Learn how Lumin Acuity helps our Biopharma partners achieve critical milestones faster.

Data Analysis Support: Using Existing Datasets

  • Predictive modeling using preclinical / clinical datasets
  • Post study analysis & interpretation
  • Model and experimentation design recommendations
  • Advising on follow-up analyses and next steps
  • Gene signature identification
  • Assessing data integrity
  • Performing data QC
  • Aligning with public datasets

Case Study

Lumin Acuity Performs

Multi-omic Analysis Identifying an

Olaparib Response Biomarker

Profile in Ovarian Patient-Derived

Xenograft Models