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Champions Study Tools
Model Select*--
Cell Line Select--
Pharmacology Data Upload & Analysis*Access NGS and metadata from 1500+ clinically relevant models--
Data Mining
Clinical Metadata-
Patient treatment-
SoC response in vivo-
Data Licensing for biomarker discovery---
FastQ download---
Visualization Tools
Mutation Map--
Molecular Graphing---
Clustering Heatmap---
Mutation Ideogram---
Target Expression Across Indications ---
Analysis Tools
Global Clustering (UMAP)--
Gene Networks---
Molecular Signatures---
Dynamic Clustering---
Target and Biomarker Discovery---
Dependency Heatmap---
Pathways Heatmap---
Custom Bioinformatics Analysis
Access to Bioinformatics consultant---
Custom data analysis (PCA, DGE, GSEA)---
Harmonization and processing of external NGS data---
Proprietary multi-omic biomarker discovery---